How to write a Cheque

Write a cheque

[Chinese] A step-by-step guide to writing a cheque Write the date on the cheque. In general, you should use today’s date. You may also use a post-dated cheque if you want the cheque to be eligible for cashing after a …

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Few tips on using Cheque

cheque usage tips

[Chinese] Keep your cheque book in a secure safe place Do not leave your cheque book unattended When receiving new cheque book, check the number of cheque leaves in it Never sign and issue a blank cheque Use blue or …

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Write big VOID on cheque

Void cheque

[Chinese] If you made a mistake when writing a cheque, you should VOID it and write a new one. Write a big VOID across the cheque and write another VOID on the signature area. These VOID words can ensure the …

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How to Write Cash Cheque?

Money cash

Normally, when writing a cheque, you need to write payee name on the cheque. If you don’t know who to make a cheque payable to, how to write a cash cheque? To write a Cash cheque, you just need to …

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[English] 在支票上寫上日期。一般情況下,應該使用今天的日期。如果您希望支票在特定日期後才可兌現,也可以使用未來日子。 正確地寫上收款人的姓名,並盡可能接近 “Pay” 字。 用文字寫出支票金額,並確保結尾處帶有 “Only” 一詞。您可以使用 “Number to Words” 將金額轉換文字。 填上數字金額,並確保與文字金額相同。 這是劃線支票嗎?在左上角劃上兩條斜線作為劃線支票。 這是持票人支票嗎?如果不是持票人支票,請在 “Bearer” 一詞劃掉。 簽署支票。簽名應與銀行的簽名記錄相符。 在支票存根上寫支票資料,至少應寫下日期,收款人姓名和金額。這些資料可用於跟踪支票記錄並與您的銀行對帳單核對。 在將支票交給收款人之前,請仔細檢查以上內容。