How to Write Numbers Correctly on a Cheque

  1. Write the amount in numbers as close to the left-hand edge of the box as possible to prevent unauthorized additions.
  2. Write the dollar amount in numerals, including cents, in the box provided. If there is no box, draw a line through the space to prevent anyone from adding to the amount.
  3. Use commas to separate thousands, millions, etc. For example, write “1,000” instead of “1000.”
  4. If the amount is a whole number, write “.00” after it to indicate that there are no cents.
  5. Avoid leaving blank spaces or gaps within the numerical amount, as this can allow for unauthorized alterations.
  6. Double-check the numerical amount before signing the cheque to ensure accuracy.
  7. Make sure the amount written in numbers matches the amount written in words. If there is a discrepancy, it can create confusion for the bank and may delay the processing of the cheque. However, banks banks will typically honor the amount written in words.